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It took a long time to discover my creativity. Although I was always told I was a creative soul, I think I had to learn it in my way. I fell into custom framing as a teenager and soon discovered that while my friends went to parties, I would rather sip wine and go to museums and art galleries.
Soon I met the man of my dreams and started having children. My first camera came with the birth of my first child. I carried that thing everywhere. It took a couple years for me to graduate to a DSLR (digital single lens reflex camera), and then to a film SLR (single lens reflex camera), and then to photography school. Yes. Several cameras, a marriage and 4 kids later I went to college to learn everything there was to know about this craft.
It took almost no time for me to really know that newborns were where I wanted to be. The first time I showed a brand new mom the images of her perfect little baby I knew I wanted to feel that way all the time. The miracle of birth, the first days of bonding with your baby and learning all about each other. Where all you want to do is stare at that being, you are just SO in love. THAT is what I want to capture and lock into beautiful art pieces that your family can forever cherish.
THAT is why I do this.

Enjoy those first few days, let us do the work.

A little about me: I have been a newborn photographer for about 5 years now, we are licensed, insured
and have photographed over 300 babies in our time! I am a member of professional photographers of
america, the national association of professional child photographers, international association of newborn
photographers and We have been published in the Dallas Child and the Today show
website. We are also fully immunized for your baby’s safety! We absolutely love what we do!

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Organic Newborn is fully trained in newborn safety in posing, we believe that the safety of your newborn is more important than any pose. We are fully immunized for the safety of your baby.

Feel free to contact us with any questions and we look forward to meeting your family soon!

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